We care about sustainability and environmental welfare. The philosophy behind POMPON FOREVER FLOWERS is buy less, choose well and make it last. Pompon takes pride in creating everlasting bouquets whose beauty never fades, allowing you to keep appreciating their beauty every day of the year. We believe that the durability and beauty of our Forever Flowers will vouch for a long period of happiness and joy.

Since the start of Pompon in 2019, the theme of sustainability is vibrantly discussed and debated within our team: we strive to create a product whose durability and lack of external needs can stand the test of time, forever.

The initial drive of Pompon was to create floral art to inspire, upholding the highest standards in quality of the flowers and its arrangements. The lack of expiration date, water-usage and necessary daylight makes our flowers timeless pieces, capable of delivering joy in every possible environment.

Pompon in itself is inspired by the creations of nature: the vibrant colours, textures and designs of the many plants on Earth. We wish to relay our positive energy, for our clients to enjoy the beauty of nature, with the knowledge that our products are developed with the least negative environmental impact.

In our quest towards becoming a Carbon-Neutral company, we are aware of the goals and complications ahead of us. With full transparency and devotion we hope to tackle these challenges. We are celebrating all the beauty in this world, and are conscious of the ever importance the climate plays in keeping it this way. To determine our impact, Pompon has collaborated with ASAP Amsterdam, a science-based consultancy group. ASAP divides sustainability into three pillars, as described by Elkington (1994): people, planet, profit.

This sustainability framework provides the measurement of performance of the business and the success of the organization using three lines: economic, social, and environmental (Goel, 2010). It is within these three dimensions that we at Pompon will assess our impact. Because we believe that true sustainability goes far beyond 'just' environmental sustainability. A truly sustainable business seeks to continuously improve its positive impact in all three dimensions of people, planet profit.

The impact of Pompom

In order to understand and determine our impact as a company, we have made use of a Carbon-footprint-calculator and created an overview of where our emissions are originating from. Currently we are in the phase of addressing and actively reducing these emissions, for instance in the usage (and re-usage) of FSC-carton boxes and paper-tape, purchasing renewable energy and lowering our energy consumption in the boutique store.

Also, Pompon is developing a take-back program, for artificial flowers that people do not want to keep any longer, and/or flowers with minor defects from our store. We create new bouquets from these flowers for hospitals and retirement homes, free of charge. We believe their beauty and ease of use can bring happiness and comfort to employees and residents.

Moreover, we thrive to reduce our emissions by doing the last mile delivery through sustainable ways, such as electric transport or our bike!

In our boutique store on the Prinsengracht 12, we have created an ideal atmosphere to experience our Flowers in real life: we encourage people to come by to see them for themselves if possible! Hereby reducing transport emissions and costs of returning our products.